About us

About us

Carinex Co. Ltd. was founded in 1993.

In order to support our customers and products Carinex can offer professional turn-key support including: problem evaluation, solution recommendation, solution and system specification, system planning integration and installation, training service and maintenance in their following areas:

  • R+D, system integration and trading of the systems and equipment for special (military, police, law enforcement intelligence and national security) purpose telecommunication monitoring systems, signal processing, analyzing and digital voice and data recording systems, miniature telemetric, monitoring and communications devices for special use.
  • Night/thermal surveillance equipment
  • Drug and explosive detection and identification systems, radiation detection systems.
  • Integration of vehicle/object tracking and fleet management systems using GPS and/or RDF locating systems.
  • HF/VHF/UHF, microwave and satcom monitoring systems.
  • Complete information and data protection systems.
  • Evaluation, solution recommendation, system specification, supplying and installing the necessary equipment or system for information and data protection.

Since not the all product range can be made public on Internet, contact us directly with your special requests, please.

The company has got its own electronic laboratory where our engineers can develop and produce small size hi-tech electronic devices and subsystems. The lab is provided with all necessary equipment for computer aided developing, testing and measuring, and for producing devices with SMD technology.

Thanks to our successful activity and references we have direct connection to many well-known manufacturers in the world.

Carinex has got serious references in field of providing the army, police and other law enforcement organizations with special communication, computing and other electronic devices.

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